Optimize Export Tax Benefits

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Urish Popeck can supplement your existing tax capabilities with significant technical expertise in transactional calculations involving Domestic International Sales Corporations (DISCs) and the Extraterritorial Income (ETI) regime. Our practice leader for these services is a former Big Four partner that was a national practice leader in export tax services, and we are employing the same "best in class" software used for successful implementations with some of the largest global companies, including more than a dozen Fortune 100 manufacturers.

Aside from these huge multinationals, there are many companies that have not fully optimized the federal income tax incentives that encourage the exportation of products. These incentives require a detailed calculation that demands knowledge of what the IRS is looking for, experience walking the IRS through the calculation, and software that performs an optimization, not just a calculation. Our software has been continually updated, in contrast to many of the largest international CPA firms. Thus, a majority of the 75,000 US companies that export have not optimized the benefit. Our methodology is applicable and very cost effective for small and middle-market companies.

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