Mission-Critical Data Transfer

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Email, FTP and other increasingly common communication tools such as instant messaging were NOT designed to handle mission-critical business communication. Urish Popeck’s mission-critical data transfer will assist with email compliance, information leak prevention, file transfer and tracking, file storage and retrieval, and file access and control.

Organizations spend millions trying to address these problems. Typically, outbound email encryption, content filtering gateways and quarantines are deployed. There are constraints on content, message size and recipients, and an increase in storage hardware and administrative resources. The result: a complex and costly IT environment, increased email and FTP server downtown, frustration and, ultimately, non-compliance.

The process of sending files is almost identical to sending email. Instead of attaching files to emails, files are sent to the Secure TaxData Server in our datacenter over SSL. A notification email is sent to the receiver and is modified to include a link pointing to the list of files or complete folder hierarchies from the server. After the receiver has downloaded the file(s), the server notes the time, IP address and content downloaded as tracking information and reports it back to the sender.

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