Expatriate Services

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As a member of the BDO Alliance USA, Urish Popeck serves clients by leveraging a global distribution network of resources comprised of 600+ member firm offices in 100+ countries. The organization’s expatriate tax professionals are able to rely on this vast network to work through differing tax laws and language issues.

The organization’s expatriate tax professionals also consult on tax-effective compensation in the U.S. and throughout the world, assisting in developing compensation, relocation, and tax equalization policies, long-term pension and stock option plans, and, where required, payroll administration.

The organization’s expatriate tax services are characterized by a holistic approach to tax planning which, inter alia, means that the services provided the expatriate assignee are not segregated from considerations of the impact those services might have on the employer’s tax efficiency and/or risks. The expatriate services team is informed by its daily involvement with the remainder of the national tax practice, which includes a full menu of Federal, State, and Local, and International tax professionals.

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