Enterprise Risk Management

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Many external factors have contributed to a heightened focus on risk, including recent regulations and standards surrounding corporate governance, compliance and risk management. Companies are spending millions of dollars in response to these pressures, while executive management and board members are contending with greater expectations around oversight of key business risks.

Enterprise risk management (ERM) provides insight into an organization’s risk profile and the overall level of risk management coverage and competency. With so much at stake, many companies are tempted to heavily invest in creating a new infrastructure dealing with risk management. While this may be appropriate for some companies enduring major transformation events, for most companies it’s more practical to leverage the existing infrastructure. This approach is more likely to produce early success, demonstrate the benefits of developing risk management into competency within the business, and help to increase the chances for broader acceptance and support for future risk-focuses initiatives.

Urish Popeck’s Risk Advisory Services practice is focused on producing value out of organizations and investment in risk management. Our Risk Advisory Services professionals assist clients by integrating their risk management activities with their strategic business plan. In addition, we can assist clients with establishing an efficient governance structure that is accurate, reliable, and cost effective.

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