Captive Insurance Services

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A Captive Insurance subsidiary provides the owner with a formalized self insurance solution that reduces risk, enhances cash flow and provides a tax benefit. A Captive Insurance Company is a formalized form of self insurance, with benefits including:

  • Risk Minimization
  • Favorable Tax Treatment
  • Enhanced Cash Flow
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Reduction of Insurance Costs

An ideal Captive Candidate is a business owner whose business has taxable income in excess of $750,000 with insurable and identifiable risks, who has available cash flow to fund insurance premiums of at least $450,000 per year. The characteristics of an ideal candidate include that it is privately held; has had steady profits over a 3 year period; has an adequate amount of uninsured risk within the business; is entrepreneurial; and is willing to take a measured degree of insurance risk.

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