Access to Capital Markets

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A big advantage for Urish Popeck clients is the seamless access to capital markets afforded by our long-term relationship with BDO. Over the years, Urish Popeck staff have worked jointly with BDO staff on engagements for dozens of SEC clients, and we share common audit manuals and processes. Thus, Urish Popeck clients can be transitioned seamlessly to BDO if that will best position them for a successful public offering.

BDO currently serves over 250 domestic publicly traded entities. They have assisted many of these entities not only with their ongoing SEC filings, but also with their public offerings. BDO has also helped many other clients with private placement. The National SEC Department maintains a constructive working relationship with the SEC staff, closely monitoring changes in reporting requirements and keeping engagement personnel informed of changes. The department also devotes significant personal attention to client filings to ensure that clients receive the benefits of their extensive experience and knowledge.

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