Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

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Our organization has significant experience working with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We strive to not only to meet our clients’ financial reporting needs, but also to provide value through innovative identification of trends and market opportunities.

Nationally, BDO Alliance USA professionals, serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, regularly share "best practices" as an industry team. Knowledge gained from working with other similar companies often allows us to provide insightful suggestions on issues. We draw on the experience of our professionals who have substantial knowledge of the dynamics specific to this industry.

To the extent permitted by the independence rules, some of the specific ways we work with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies include:

  • Resolving the complexities of research and development agreements, licensing agreements and compensation agreements
  • Exploring opportunities for tax credits associated with research and development
  • Addressing audit issues related to revenue recognition, intellectual property royalties, and debt transactions
  • Merger and acquisition related services including due diligence, capitalization requirements for drugs purchased, accounting for goodwill and valuation services.
  • Financial and operational consulting relating to the challenges of a continuous cycle of product development, combined with expanding distribution
  • Strategic and business applications relating to organizational systems and operating requirements, including operations and logistics, site planning and development, systems and information technology, and EDI Quick Response Systems.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Compliance