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Tax Court Ruling Expands Whistleblower Rewards

by Tim Marshall 9. August 2016 09:48
In a recent ruling by the U.S. Tax Court, two whistleblowers were awarded $17.8 million. This decision considerably increases the scope of what can be claimed, and could result in both larger awards and in more whistleblowers coming forward in the future. The IRS whistleblower program allows indivi... [More]
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Bitcoin Ransom Paid to Hackers

by Tim Marshall 7. March 2016 08:27
In a real warning sign about the attractiveness of of healthcare data to cyber criminals, a group of hackers infiltrated a hospital’s network and encrypted its data in order to collect a ransom from the hospital. Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center employees noticed network issues on Feb. 5t... [More]

The Nanny Tax–It’s Complicated, and it’s not just for Nannies

by Tim Marshall 21. December 2015 13:41
As the prevalence of households using in-home assistance increases, it is important to be reminded of the repercussions of the “Nanny Tax.” For instance, as our senior citizen population grows, more and more families are employing senior caregivers. If you hire a caregiver that is paid m... [More]

Fraud Prevention and Detection Initiative Update

by Tim Marshall 2. January 2014 13:35
As we first reported in the Nov. 15 Legislative Update, beginning with the 2014 income tax filing season, the PA Department of Revenue will institute new security measures to identify and intercept fraudulent refund filings. As part of this initiative, taxpayers may be asked to confirm their identit... [More]

IRS Fact Sheet Offers Tips on Reporting Natural Resource Income

by Tim Marshall 1. May 2013 15:11
The IRS recently released tips for taxpayers reporting natural resource income and said those who own land with valuable natural resources should be aware that arranging for the development of the resources through a lease creates tax consequences. In a fact sheet (FS-2013-6), IRS said landowners... [More]

UPDATED: Summary of fiscal cliff solution passed by Congress

by Tim Marshall 4. January 2013 14:30
  UPDATE: We have provided below and distributed previously a summary of the major tax provisions of the legislation that resulted from the "fiscal cliff" negotiations. To supplement that summary, we are pleased to provide a more detailed analysis of this legislation. 2013 Tax Update, The Amer... [More]
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Legislative Changes Applicable to PA Business Taxpayers

by Tim Marshall 9. August 2012 10:15
With the passage of both H.B. 761 and Senate Bill 1263 in July, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has enacted selected legislative changes for its business taxpayers.  These changes, some of which became effective in July, affect areas including Corporate Net Income Tax, Sales Tax, Administrativ... [More]
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Temporary Regulations Could Be Beneficial

by Tim Marshall 22. February 2012 11:00
  Late in 2011, the Internal Revenue Service released new regulations on the treatment of certain costs incurred relating to tangible property. The new regulations provide guidance on issues such as materials and supplies expenses and safe harbor for routine maintenance expenses on tangible pr... [More]
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Marcellus Shale and Industry Risk Factors

by Tim Marshall 7. July 2011 10:09
Here in Western and Central Pennsylvania, we are reminded daily of the many and complex issues relating to developing the Marcellus Shale gas reserves. Evolving regulatory and legislative actions include environmental policy issues, disputes over regulatory jurisdiction, neighbor vs. neighbor confli... [More]
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