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SEC: Social Media can be "perfectly suitable"

by Tom Current 8. April 2013 09:44
  As the importance of social media use by business continues to grow, it has become clear that guidelines need to be established, as they have been for traditional media, regarding fair disclosure. As of April 2, that process has started - the SEC has issued its first regulatory guidance on t... [More]
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Year-end Tax Planning - Update on the Uncertainty

by Tom Current 7. December 2012 11:30
The nature of our tax code and its role in our political system is a prescription for uncertainty when it comes to year-end tax planning. 2012, however, takes the cake. This year will go down in history as having the most uncertainties ever relating to strategic year-end tax planning. Our tax speci... [More]
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Leadership Runs In The Family

by Tom Current 16. March 2012 15:35
  UPCO Audit Manager Maddy Peterman is a proud big sister. It was announced this week that her brother Will Martin has earned the tremendous honor and responsibility of being selected as the 2013 Overall Chairperson of THON, the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic fundraiser that is the largest student... [More]

Retailers Maintain Holiday Inventory Levels; Focus on Improved Merchandise and E-Commerce for 2012

by Tom Current 6. October 2011 12:38
According to a recent survey by BDO USA, LLP, 82 percent of retail CFOs report they either increased (31%) or maintained (51%) inventory levels for the 2011 holiday season. However, they continue to be split over whether insufficient inventory (53%) or too much inventory (47%) poses a greater risk t... [More]
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Urish Popeck Has Gone to the Next Level!

by Tom Current 13. July 2011 12:55
During the process of overhauling our web site, we have been mindful that increasing traffic to the site is one of our primary goals in the graphic  redesign and content update of Many of my colleagues at Urish Popeck have heard me talk (harp on? badger them?) about the im... [More]
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