Michael Popeck

2013 COLAs for Retirement Plans

by Michael Popeck 7. November 2012 09:13
Each year, the IRS announces cost-of-living adjustments affecting limitations for pension plans and other retirement-related items. For 2013, many of the statutory thresholds that trigger increases in the cost-of-living index were met, while other limitations will remain unchanged. Some of the key h... [More]
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Never Too Young to Consider Retirement - Contributing to a Child’s IRA

by Michael Popeck 23. July 2012 14:00
Establishing an individual retirement account (IRA) in a child’s name can be an effective planning technique for a child with earned income.  The usual IRA rules and limitations apply.  Thus, for 2012 a child must have legitimate self-employment or wage/salary income, and the annual ... [More]
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Hiring May Slow During Second Quarter of 2012

by Michael Popeck 13. June 2012 15:00
  In a recent survey conducted by the AICPA, business executives responded with more guarded views this quarter versus last quarter about the 12-month outlook for the U.S. economy.  However, most executives viewed their own companies with a better outlook than the U.S. economy as a whole.... [More]
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