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Blockchain - Creating Trust in Transactions

by Ken Urish 25. September 2017 10:12
Within the accounting profession and across many other industries, blockchain has become a hot topic. Here is why. Blockchain is a shared ledger for recording the history of transactions that cannot be altered. A major advantage of the blockchain process is that transactions can be logged in real ti... [More]
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Good News for U.S. Competitiveness: The Defend Trade Secrets Act

by Ken Urish 26. May 2016 09:24
Trade secrets are critical to competitiveness in every industry, and it is not just the obvious secrets like Coke’s formula or the air pressure of New England Patriot footballs. Many companies mistakenly focus their protection efforts only on key patents, proprietary processes, etc., and overl... [More]

Internal Audit – Shifting the Cyber Security Focus

by Ken Urish 19. February 2016 11:08
According to the 2016 North American Pulse of Internal Audit report published by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Audit Executive Center, internal audit leadership lacks confidence in its staff’s cyber security capabilities. 52% of respondents felt that lack of cyber security expe... [More]

40 Eventful and Gratifying Years

by Ken Urish 1. February 2016 16:29
On February 1, Urish Popeck commemorated 40 years of service to its clients and the public accounting profession. When we started out, Steve Jobs was founding Apple, Jimmy Carter was elected President, and Rocky was in theaters nationwide. Then as today, change in the public accounting profession w... [More]

Preparedness is Key in Managing Crises

by Ken Urish 14. January 2016 12:35
Not if, but when. That is the approach companies should take toward breach response planning in our current cyber security environment. Risk managers must prepare as though a breach or data security crisis will occur in their company. Looking at past breaches of companies big and small provides pers... [More]

Seeking Cyber Resiliency in 2016

by Ken Urish 8. December 2015 11:40
In the evolving cyber risk management environment, cyber security is becoming an increasing priority for CFO’s, risk managers and financial executives. This is evidenced by the projected increased emphasis on cyber security for 2016 disclosed by two recent surveys. Consulting firm Protiviti su... [More]

Can the IPO market top 2013?

by Ken Urish 21. January 2014 16:34
Success breeds success. That was one factor in the great performance of the U.S. IPO market last year. According to a survey of 100 capital markets executives at leading investment banks, positive IPO performances have encouraged even more businesses to pursue their initial public offering, contribu... [More]

Trends Bode Well for Q2 IPOs

by Ken Urish 11. April 2013 12:13
Normal 0 false false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE There were 31 IPOs in the U.S. in Q1 of 2013 vs. 42 in Q1 2012* - stati... [More]
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2013 IPO Outlook - The Glass is at Least Half Full

by Ken Urish 8. February 2013 14:20
Compared to 2012, the outlook for IPO activity in 2013 is a mixed bag – some headwinds, but also reasons for cautious optimism. Those are conclusions of a survey of 100 executives from the nation’s leading investment banks, conducted on behalf of the Capital Markets practice of our allia... [More]
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A Look Back at the SEC in 2012

by Ken Urish 4. January 2013 09:42
The national assurance practice of our alliance partner BDO has compiled its annual review of significant SEC developments for 2012. Rulemaking required by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act continued to dominate the SEC agenda in 2012. While the SEC adopted rules addressi... [More]
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