Early Reviews of Windows 8

by Justin Nescott 23. April 2012 09:55
  In late February, Windows launched the consumer preview of Windows 8. The major redesign was to move the popular operating system that is available for Windows’ tablets and mobile devices to the desktop and laptop. This will feature and continue the growth of touch screen desktops and laptops. The “Metro design” will replace the traditional “start” button and the applications and programs will be contained on the desktop as colorful blocks. With the growth of applications for computers, Windows 8 focused on incorporating the ease of use into the new OS. Windows recently launched a Windows Application Store to make downloading new apps as easy as possible. The convenience of complete customization for the start screen of Windows 8 allows the user to decide which apps and common contacts appear. The initial reviews, although mostly positive, vary greatly. PCMag questions whether Windows 8 will fail, comparing it to a Windows 95 failed add-on, Bob. It points out that the touch screen works great, but the user will encounter problems if they have to use a mouse or trackpad. This will put pressure on manufacturers to include touch screens to new laptops and desktops, which will add between $100-$150 to the price of the unit, which would be passed to the consumer. Microsoft did release a recommended specification for new trackpads that would work better with the Metro Touch; however, because of the late release, many laptops will not include this new design that may be released with Windows 8. Also, by removing the Start button, the user has to click on more options to find similar functions in the new Metro layout. Hopefully, when Windows does roll out Windows 8, these problems will be resolved and the initial beta testing will help them develop Metro Touch for laptops and desktops that is on par with mobile devices and tablets. Make sure that if you are, or will be in the market for a computer in the next few months, you are aware of the OS that you will be purchasing and if you will run into any problems with the computer designs. 
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