Urish Popeck Has Gone to the Next Level!

by Tom Current 13. July 2011 12:55
During the process of overhauling our web site, we have been mindful that increasing traffic to the site is one of our primary goals in the graphic  redesign and content update of www.urishpopeck.com. Many of my colleagues at Urish Popeck have heard me talk (harp on? badger them?) about the importance to our firm of upgrading our new media presence - posting topical content, blogging, increasing our collective social media activity. Following is some of the rationale that is driving our new website development: · When rewriting a web page, we focus more on utilizing keywords and key phrases, and not merely communicating a message or theme; · We are looking to boost staff involvement in specific groups on relevant professional topics on key social media sites. If we can have our staff start a group or be active participants in a group, it builds credibility in a more meaningful way than just saying “we do this or that.” Through blogging and e-newsletter articles, we are focused on providing timely, topical content, not just the obligatory “static” fact sheets. This doesn’t have to be leading edge analysis. If we can help to educate visitors and demonstrate we’re actively involved with current issues relevant to our clients and the accounting profession, that reinforces our credentials and the image we want to project.
Categories: Productivity