Browsing the Internet – Why Not use Google’s Browser?

by Justin Nescott 23. January 2012 12:47
  Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or another browser, you most likely use Google for your web searches. However, in most browsers, the Google toolbar has to be installed or you must navigate to to use the Google search engine.   In just over three years, Google Chrome, Google’s web browser, has surpassed Mozilla Firefox and trails only Internet Explorer in the worldwide browser market share (Chrome edges Firefox, grabs second browser spot). Chrome is very simple to use but packs many additional features, extensions, and themes into the browser that can be easily added and customized. One of the key features of Chrome is the address search field. In most browsers, the URL (web address line) can only accept a complete web address (e.g. and will not accept a search term (e.g. Urish Popeck). Chome, however, will accept either entry, allowing the URL to act as a Google search bar, so there is no need to install separate toolbars that fill up your browser’s page (Internet Explorer almost always has some installed).   To see some of the most essential Google Chrome extensions offered, read PCWorld’s article. For more information and to download Google Chrome, visit Google’s website.
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