IRS Enforcement Efforts Escalate

by Rocco Romano 18. November 2011 14:14
Look out if you owe the IRS.  The Internal Revenue Service has hired new and vigorous revenue officers who have been given the green light to go to people’s homes and businesses.  Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says the IRS will be more forceful in collecting back taxes and prosecuting Americans accused of tax evasion. This cautionary sentiment  comes as a result of both the Obama administration and U.S. lawmakers recognizing  that current economic conditions will probably result in less revenue collected from taxpayers, considering the high unemployment and more than half the population not paying income tax. According to the IRS,  tax debt which includes unpaid taxes, penalty and interest charges, totaled $300 billion at the end of the fiscal year.  The Internal Revenue Service has a process for collecting unpaid tax debts by notifying taxpayers through notices, telephone calls, and in person. That process is set to escalate, as the IRS plans to be more proactive than ever before. 
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