Security for a Mobile World

by Justin Nescott 30. July 2012 10:00
What mobile devices do you own? A smartphone? Tablet or iPad? Laptop? MP3 player or iPod? How many do you have protected in the event that you lose the device or have the ability to locate or wipe it remotely if all else fails? A group of CPAs agreed that IT security is the #1 technology concern on the AICPA’s “2012 Top Technology Initiatives Survey.” Because of the advances in technology, security for various devices struggles to keep current. With the spread of new technology, sensitive data is stored on devices from phones to tablets to laptops, which allow us instant connectivity, but increases the possibility of data loss. Here are two suggestions to improve security on mobile devices (although not a fix all, both options help secure data on otherwise insecure devices). Screen lock is a standard feature on many devices, but there are applications that create a login option on older devices. You may also be able to upgrade the software on the device to get new security updates and features. There are also applications and built-in features that allow you to find your phone through its GPS system or remotely wipe the device’s data. Please see the Ohio Society of CPA’s article “Keep your info safe if you lose your phone” for more information on security for your phone. For other mobile devices, there are suggestions on how to improve security on the internet.
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