Global Investment Opportunities and Risks

by Ken Urish 30. October 2012 08:29
Global Opportunities, the 2012 BDO Ambition Survey, is very timely reading. It offers valuable perspective on global investment opportunities and risks overseas, from the perspective of CFOs of $50M - $2B companies. This year’s findings reflect the general climate of economic and political uncertainty that prevails today, as the focus is on threats presented by currency fluctuations and geopolitical risk. Executives polled indicate that current ‘safe haven’ markets include not only the US, UK and Germany, but also the BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China. Businesses in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America were interviewed. Respondent companies were sampled from consumer, manufacturing, natural resources, real estate/construction, professional services and technology sectors. The report looks at where CFOs are focusing their international investment, what their mood is, and asks for their practical advice on the primary success factors when expanding overseas. This survey is a good reminder of why Urish Popeck has aligned with BDO for more than 18 years. As one of the Top Six global accounting organizations, BDO offers superb global resources that provide benefits to our clients that other regional firms cannot match. BDO brings local knowledge and expertise from 1,100+ offices in 138 countries worldwide. Local knowledge is critical because CFOs the world over are finding it more difficult to conduct business abroad, given the poor economy, increased regulation and greater competition. Almost half the CFOs surveyed said that good advice from reliable people on the ground is a key to successful international expansion. As Martin Van Roekel, CEO of BDO International states, “we know that our clients expect more and are seeking a tailored approach which reflects the culture they work in, and the kind of business they are.” Check out the 2012 BDO Ambition survey. We believe you will find it interesting and the experience of your peers useful.
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Insights from Global Wealth Consultants: February 2012

by Mark Matos 27. February 2012 10:00
  Dear Readers,  The most recent edition of Market Update from Global Wealth Consultants is available in its entirety on Urish Popeck’s web site. As with each Market Update, this edition includes facts, opinions, insights and findings on a variety factors impacting investment performance and our day to day lives. In this edition you will find the latest trends in innovation, geopolitics,  macro and microeconomics, and other domestic and international issues. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it. Comments are welcome!   Best Regards, Mark Matos  
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