New and Improved! PCAOB AU 380

by Ken Urish 23. January 2012 14:39
As a prison boss famously said to Paul Newman's character in Cool Hand Luke, "What we got here is... failure to communicate." Well, the PCAOB did not consider AU 380, it's standard on auditors' communications with audit committees, to be a failure of Cool Hand Luke proportions - but they have decided some improvements were in order. In late December 2011 the PCAOB reproposed AU 380 based on response to comments received through a comment letter process and a public roundtable. The reproposed standard is intended to improve current requirements regarding auditor communications by linking these to the related performance requirements in other auditing standards; it does not otherwise impose new performance requirements other than communications. The new proposed standard and related amendments are anticipated to be effective, subject to SEC approval, for audits of fiscal years beginning on or after December 15, 2012. Comments on this reproposal are due by February 29. Click here for access to the reproposed standard and supplemental materials.
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Issues Nonprofits Must Consider for Corporate Governance and Risk Mitigation

by Ken Urish 11. August 2011 11:31
Audit committees provide a variety of benefits to nonprofits. An audit committee can implement an enhanced internal control structure, deter fraud, improve financial practices, advance financial reporting, and help nonprofits meet their accountability goals. [More]
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