Fierce Competition in the Technology Industry, Companies Look Towards Positive Long-Term Goals

by Joe Clark 3. April 2012 10:45
With mixed news about the U.S. marketplace painting an uncertain picture of where the economy is headed, technologies companies are focusing on long-term goals, working to grow their bottom lines, acquire intellectual property assets, and increase headcount through strategic transactions.   BDO conducted its fifth annual survey of 100 chief financial officers at U.S. technology companies. Overall, the CFOs projected more modest 2.6 percent revenues than last year’s 10.4 percent rise. To raise funds, 55 percent of the CFOs would use public and private debt, the first time in the five year history of the survey that debt was chosen over private equity.   To read the rest of the BDO Technology Survey and review the other questions that were directed to the CFOs and their answers, please see the 2012 BDO Technology Outlook.
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