2012 Exempt Organizations Work Plan Released by IRS

by Bill Adams 29. March 2012 12:00
  In February, the IRS issued the 2012 Exempt Organizations (EO) work plan. For those who work with EOs, the plan “provides an opportunity to understand where the IRS enforcement initiatives will be as the IRS must try to allocate its limited resources efficiently.” Historically, the IRS EO Division has focused its enforcement efforts on particular categories of tax-exempt organizations or particular issues. The 2012 work plan exempt organizations list includes: Legislative Implementation Compliance: Using the Form 990 Collaborative Efforts General Work Detailed information regarding focus topics within each of these areas is included in the March 2012 issue of Nonprofit Standard. In addition to the 2012 Exempt Organizations Work Plan, the newsletter contains articles on cost allocations for nonprofits, best practices for travel and expense reimbursements, bonuses and incentives for tax-exempt organizations, and more.
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