Energy Industry Execs ID Keys to Success

by Ken Urish 25. May 2012 13:30
  IHS CERA’s Annual Executive Conference for the energy industry is held in Houston each spring, and it is considered by many to be the industry’s equivalent of the Davos summit of world leaders held annually in Switzerland. This year’s conference was the 31st annual, and the theme was “The Quest: Energy, Security and the Future of Economic Growth.” Charles Dewhurst, the National Leader of BDO’s Natural Resources practice, said the event showed “a tremendous sense of optimism within the U.S. and global energy industry, largely due to the potential for vast new oil and natural gas reserves.” Dewhurst also noted a “sincere appreciation” from industry leaders for the public’s concerns about extraction technologies. Among the key findings presented at this year’s conference: North America’s natural gas reserves are much, much larger than previously thought; North American oil reserves are also growing quickly; America can’t meet its projected 2035 energy needs without a continued, very strong emphasis on fossil fuels; and, to realize its potential, North America’s energy development must be environmentally responsible. For more results from this key energy industry conference, please see this edition of Natural Resources Record.  
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