Urish Popeck is #AuditorProud

by Lauren Shaffer 28. September 2017 10:59
#AuditorProud day is an annual event in which auditors from all over the world share why it is they are proud to be a part of this profession. Urish Popeck & Co. is excited to be a part of this event and we want to share why it is we are passionate to be a part of the auditing profession.  ... [More]

10 Things You Can Do Throughout The Year To Save Your Sanity During Reporting Season

by Maureen Ferrari 25. September 2017 12:49
Ahh, the Fall. The change of seasons. The air is crisp and the leaves are bursting with color. For those of us who own the responsibility of reporting and delivering unclaimed property to the states, we watch much of the Fall pass us by from our office window. Unclaimed property compliance is a... [More]

Blockchain - Creating Trust in Transactions

by Ken Urish 25. September 2017 10:12
Within the accounting profession and across many other industries, blockchain has become a hot topic. Here is why. Blockchain is a shared ledger for recording the history of transactions that cannot be altered. A major advantage of the blockchain process is that transactions can be logged in real ti... [More]
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