Due Diligence: It’s More than a Project, It’s an Ongoing Process

by Maureen Ferrari 29. December 2016 14:33
Maureen Ferrari-Grollman, Managing Partner, Unclaimed Property Advocates Due diligence, the official notification sent to the owner of a dormant account advising that their account will be reported to the state if no action is taken, is a mandatory step in the unclaimed property reporting process i... [More]

The Four Deadly Sins of Unclaimed Property Reporting and What to Do if You Have Committed Them

by Maureen Ferrari 28. December 2016 11:18
Maureen Ferrari-Grollman, Managing Partner, Unclaimed Property Advocates A review of recent unclaimed property related news reveals state’s jurisdictional battles playing out in the courts, legislators proposing laws to broaden unclaimed property laws and plug budget shortfalls, and states se... [More]

Why Unclaimed Property Matters To Your Business

by Maureen Ferrari 7. December 2016 09:17
States have “discovered” unclaimed property revenue can be an alternative to a tax increase, and consequently it is an increasingly important source of operating funds among all 50 states. As a result of this increased attention, unclaimed property laws, and states’ administration ... [More]
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