Did You Know That the NFL is a Tax-Exempt Non-Profit: Round 2

by Steven Sodini 15. May 2013 13:02
      Back in December, we posted a blog regarding the surprising non-profit tax-exempt status of the NFL, NHL, and many other professional sports organizations, under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.  That blog was primarily based on the 2012 Wastebook that is ... [More]
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Should You File a VDA for Your AUP?

by Heather Vanderborg 8. May 2013 16:38
  What, Who, Where, Why and When? Following are answers to some basic questions about Abandoned and Unclaimed Property (AUP), an issue that many companies don’t know quite what to do with (hint: it is NOT a tax). What: is a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement? Companies need to understand t... [More]
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IRS Fact Sheet Offers Tips on Reporting Natural Resource Income

by Tim Marshall 1. May 2013 15:11
The IRS recently released tips for taxpayers reporting natural resource income and said those who own land with valuable natural resources should be aware that arranging for the development of the resources through a lease creates tax consequences. In a fact sheet (FS-2013-6), IRS said landowners... [More]