QE3: Risking Inflation or Creating Growth?

by Blair Urish 25. September 2012 08:34
  The Federal Reserve announced that they would start a third round of quantitative easing (QE3) recently.  The Federal Reserve has had two previous rounds of quantitative easing in an effort to manage their duel mandate to: 1. Maintain price stability (low inflation) and 2. Maintain lo... [More]
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Pennsylvania Opportunity Scholarship Credit

by Tom Guappone 18. September 2012 12:02
The Opportunity Scholarship Credit is available to business entities that make contributions to non profit organizations that provide scholarships to eligible students to pay tuition and necessary school related fees to attend participating non-public or a participating public school in a school dis... [More]
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The U.S. Still Far From Using IFRS

by Kevin McGarry 13. September 2012 10:12
In July 2012, the SEC issued a report describing the issues that the U.S. would face if they got rid of U.S. GAAP. Regulators said they needed to do additional research before revisiting the controversial subject. One of the main drawbacks and hold ups from the U.S. moving towards IFRS is the sheer... [More]
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Private Equity Deals Reward Larger Companies

by Dennis Stuchell 10. September 2012 13:47
  Private equity investors in the middle market are paying significantly higher multiples to acquire larger firms, while the premium investors place on above-average financial performance is diminishing, GF Data reports. “The tired cliche is proving out this year. Size does indeed matte... [More]
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