Dealing with the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act and the "Tone at the Top"

by Hiller Hardie 29. August 2012 10:45
The SEC and DOJ have been very active in investigating and prosecuting Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) related matters of late. Pfizer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Las Vegas Sands   and Avon are some of the more well known companies that have recently received negative press r... [More]
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Should Olympic Medal Winners be Taxed?

by Steven Sodini 15. August 2012 14:15
The closing of the 2012 Olympic Games this past Sunday has left many of us wanting more, but more summer Olympics will have to wait another 1,450 days until the opening ceremony in 2016. However, the 2012 Olympic Games have left us pondering the question; should Olympic medals winners be taxed? Unde... [More]
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Legislative Changes Applicable to PA Business Taxpayers

by Tim Marshall 9. August 2012 10:15
With the passage of both H.B. 761 and Senate Bill 1263 in July, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has enacted selected legislative changes for its business taxpayers.  These changes, some of which became effective in July, affect areas including Corporate Net Income Tax, Sales Tax, Administrativ... [More]
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IRS Updates Rules for Reporting Agents to Deposit Employment Taxes

by Tom Guappone 7. August 2012 10:00
The IRS updated the rules for depositing federal employment taxes. Taxpayers can now designate a reporting agent to make federal deposits for federal, social security and Medicare withholding taxes. Information on how to designate a reporting agent can be reviewed within Rev. Proc. 2012-32.   ... [More]
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Private Company Audit Standards - Finally a Resolution?

by Kevin McGarry 2. August 2012 11:30
There are many stakeholders in the decade-long debate over financial reporting standards for privately held companies, including lenders, assurers, venture capitalists and the companies themselves. Now, a recently enacted measure may be bringing the debate to conclusion.   Currently, private ... [More]
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