The JOBS Act: Trading IPOs for Blind Spots

by Hiller Hardie 26. April 2012 15:55
The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was passed into law on April 5, 2012. It encourages private companies to complete IPO’s by giving them reporting relief if they qualify as an emerging growth company (EGC). EGCs have less than $1 billion in revenue and $700 million in publicly tra... [More]
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Early Reviews of Windows 8

by Justin Nescott 23. April 2012 09:55
  In late February, Windows launched the consumer preview of Windows 8. The major redesign was to move the popular operating system that is available for Windows’ tablets and mobile devices to the desktop and laptop. This will feature and continue the growth of touch screen desktops and ... [More]
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Closing the "Delaware Loophole"

by Steven Sodini 13. April 2012 09:45
The Pennsylvania House has approved a corporate tax reform bill designed to eliminate the "Delaware Loophole," which will “create a more competitive and fair business climate in Pennsylvania”, according to bill sponsor Rep. Dave Reed (R-Indiana). The loophole allows businesses headquarte... [More]
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The “New Normal” in Retail Pricing

by Ken Urish 11. April 2012 10:45
An interesting quote from Al Ferrara, the national director of BDO’s Retail and Consumer Products practice, appeared recently in Women’s Wear Daily. For those of us that don’t read WWD, it is often referred to as “the fashion bible” and THE industry voice of authority. ... [More]
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Fierce Competition in the Technology Industry, Companies Look Towards Positive Long-Term Goals

by Joe Clark 3. April 2012 10:45
With mixed news about the U.S. marketplace painting an uncertain picture of where the economy is headed, technologies companies are focusing on long-term goals, working to grow their bottom lines, acquire intellectual property assets, and increase headcount through strategic transactions.   B... [More]
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