2012 Exempt Organizations Work Plan Released by IRS

by Bill Adams 29. March 2012 12:00
  In February, the IRS issued the 2012 Exempt Organizations (EO) work plan. For those who work with EOs, the plan “provides an opportunity to understand where the IRS enforcement initiatives will be as the IRS must try to allocate its limited resources efficiently.” Historically, t... [More]
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How Much Longer Will You Use Microsoft Office?

by Justin Nescott 23. March 2012 13:10
  In an article in late 2011, PCMag columnist John Dvorak predicted the end of Microsoft Office. With updates including minor changes, such as a new user interface with the ribbon tab in 2007, few new elements have been added to the Microsoft Office Suite, allowing competitors create successfu... [More]
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Have an EIN? Action May Be Required

by Rocco Romano 19. March 2012 12:15
    The IRS is proposing that taxpayers that have an employer identification number (EIN) will be required to update their information with the IRS. At issue is that EINs - which are issued to employers, sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, nonprofit associations, trusts, estat... [More]
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Leadership Runs In The Family

by Tom Current 16. March 2012 15:35
  UPCO Audit Manager Maddy Peterman is a proud big sister. It was announced this week that her brother Will Martin has earned the tremendous honor and responsibility of being selected as the 2013 Overall Chairperson of THON, the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic fundraiser that is the largest student... [More]

IRS Expands “Fresh Start” for Unemployed

by Kelley Owen 16. March 2012 08:15
  In order to help struggling tax payers, the IRS announced a major expansion of its “Fresh Start” initiative. This will provide new penalty relief to the unemployed and make installment agreements available to more people.   Under the expansion, certain tax payers who have ... [More]
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House Approves Some SOX Relief for Issuers < $1B

by Hiller Hardie 14. March 2012 11:00
  The House recently approved a measure aimed at creating jobs and easing the regulatory burden on smaller businesses.   A major component of this bill exempts small and mid size businesses initiating public offerings from some key provisions of Sarbanes Oxley.  As drafted, pros... [More]
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Dodd-Frank: Impacting Executive Compensation

by Ken Urish 12. March 2012 08:05
Among several other purposes, when the Dodd-Frank Act became law in 2010 it required public companies to comply with a number of disclosure and shareholder-voting provisions regarding their compensation practices, and gave the SEC the authority to make additional rules in furtherance of these requir... [More]
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Improving Your Speed on Windows 7 - New Features

by Justin Nescott 2. March 2012 11:00
  With all of the new features that Windows 7 offers over previous versions of Windows, it might take some getting used to. However, once you discover and begin to use some of the useful features, such as easily changing window views or pinning items to the desktop, it will make your life a li... [More]
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