Insights from Global Wealth Consultants: February 2012

by Mark Matos 27. February 2012 10:00
  Dear Readers,  The most recent edition of Market Update from Global Wealth Consultants is available in its entirety on Urish Popeck’s web site. As with each Market Update, this edition includes facts, opinions, insights and findings on a variety factors impacting investment perfo... [More]
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Temporary Regulations Could Be Beneficial

by Tim Marshall 22. February 2012 11:00
  Late in 2011, the Internal Revenue Service released new regulations on the treatment of certain costs incurred relating to tangible property. The new regulations provide guidance on issues such as materials and supplies expenses and safe harbor for routine maintenance expenses on tangible pr... [More]
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Does Your Browser Look Different? IE has changed again.

by Justin Nescott 17. February 2012 11:00
  For the first time ever, Windows will be using its Windows Update feature to automatically upgrade Internet Explorer to either IE 8 or IE 9 on all computers. Although the rollout began January 17, you will not notice a difference until you receive your next Windows Update. Note that Windows ... [More]
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FASB Plans To Save Some Time and $$

by Kevin McGarry 15. February 2012 16:00
  FASB is listening to its constituents. In response to feedback from respondents, FASB has put forth a proposal intended to reduce costs and simplify the guidance for testing indefinite-lived intangible assets, other than goodwill for impairment. Currently under Topic 350, Intangibles-Goodwi... [More]
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2012 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

by Bill Adams 13. February 2012 10:45
  The IRS recently announced that it has reopened the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP), which will continue for an indefinite period of time.  The OVDP allows for reduced penalties for taxpayers who voluntarily disclose their offshore bank accounts or other assets that have no... [More]
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Tax Court Continues to Crack Down on FLPs

by Dennis Stuchell 8. February 2012 08:45
A recent U.S. Tax Court case (Estate of Liljestrand) reminds us that proper planning is essential when forming a Family Limited Partnerhship (FLP).  The Court included the FLP assets in the estate and hit the taxpayer for an additional $2.5 million in estate taxes.  The Cour... [More]
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PE Deal Forecast for 2012: Gradual Clearing

by Ken Urish 7. February 2012 10:27
The research firm PitchBook recently completed a national survey to develop a 2012 forecast for the Private Equity Industry. More than 100 senior executives at PE firms ranging to $72 billion in assets responded. The main takeaway according to the survey? Don't expect big increases in deal flow from... [More]
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Thoughts on PCAOB Oversight

by Hiller Hardie 1. February 2012 11:21
  My recent blog discussed the trend of the last several years of declining revisions of financial statements due to accounting errors or manipulations. As a member of the Accounting profession, I follow the activities of the PCAOB with interest (and often skepticism). Of particular relevance ... [More]
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