Urish Popeck is #AuditorProud

by Lauren Shaffer 28. September 2017 10:59
#AuditorProud day is an annual event in which auditors from all over the world share why it is they are proud to be a part of this profession. Urish Popeck & Co. is excited to be a part of this event and we want to share why it is we are passionate to be a part of the auditing profession.  ... [More]

10 Things You Can Do Throughout The Year To Save Your Sanity During Reporting Season

by Maureen Ferrari 25. September 2017 12:49
Ahh, the Fall. The change of seasons. The air is crisp and the leaves are bursting with color. For those of us who own the responsibility of reporting and delivering unclaimed property to the states, we watch much of the Fall pass us by from our office window. Unclaimed property compliance is a... [More]

Blockchain - Creating Trust in Transactions

by Ken Urish 25. September 2017 10:12
Within the accounting profession and across many other industries, blockchain has become a hot topic. Here is why. Blockchain is a shared ledger for recording the history of transactions that cannot be altered. A major advantage of the blockchain process is that transactions can be logged in real ti... [More]
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Something You Should Know About Retirement Plan Compliance

by Elizabeth Urish Walton 16. June 2017 12:34
Business owners use retirement plans to attract quality employees, retain talent, and ultimately reward them for their years of service. For employees, the plan participants, the promise of a secure and comfortable retirement is a powerful incentive to work hard and collaborate, to do all they can t... [More]

Caveat Emptor: When a Merger or Acquisition Yields More Than You Bargained For

by Maureen Ferrari 16. March 2017 13:21
Congratulations! You just successfully completed an acquisition, and the business press and your industry peers have all taken notice. Another group is following your transaction as well: state unclaimed property auditors. Unclaimed property review, as part of transactional due diligence in a merge... [More]

The Healthcare Industry Gets a Dose of Unclaimed Property

by Maureen Ferrari 27. February 2017 15:07
Among the many compliance obligations that corporations have, one that can be the most complicated and costly to an organization, if neglected, is unclaimed property compliance. While each state has its own unclaimed property law, and no two laws are exactly alike, every state has the authority to a... [More]

Sweeping Changes to Delaware Unclaimed Property Law Present New Opportunities for the Holder Community, But Proceed with Caution

by Maureen Ferrari 17. February 2017 13:59
Delaware has long been known for its aggressive position on unclaimed property audits that included prolonged lookback periods, debatable extrapolation methods and no express period for record retention. Despite improvements, there are still areas that remain unclear and require furth... [More]

Standard Mileage Rates for 2017 Announced

by Cory Hazy 4. January 2017 13:23
The IRS recently announced new optional standard mileage rates for 2017. The business rate has dropped again to 53.5 cents per mile, marking the second consecutive annual decline for that particular usage. Driving for medical or moving purposes is deductible at 17 cents per mile, a drop of two cents... [More]
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Due Diligence: It’s More than a Project, It’s an Ongoing Process

by Maureen Ferrari 29. December 2016 14:33
Maureen Ferrari-Grollman, Managing Partner, Unclaimed Property Advocates Due diligence, the official notification sent to the owner of a dormant account advising that their account will be reported to the state if no action is taken, is a mandatory step in the unclaimed property reporting process i... [More]

The Four Deadly Sins of Unclaimed Property Reporting and What to Do if You Have Committed Them

by Maureen Ferrari 28. December 2016 11:18
Maureen Ferrari-Grollman, Managing Partner, Unclaimed Property Advocates A review of recent unclaimed property related news reveals state’s jurisdictional battles playing out in the courts, legislators proposing laws to broaden unclaimed property laws and plug budget shortfalls, and states se... [More]